Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Patriotic Finish

I really enjoy stitching Little House Needlework designs. 

They are easy on the eyes and easy to stitch while watching a favorite movie.  
I might have mentioned that before?  Still holds true. 

Here's one I stitched some time ago.  Stitched last July I believe.  I like to stitch things
in season.

A design named "America".    

Pretty design isn't?  Love the little white fence and the vine growing out of the pot
and the way it curves over the American flag. 

I made a small color change and that was using a different color for the pot that
has the vine and the colors for the roof and window panes, DMC black and a
light gray.   Can't remember the exact number of the DMC colors.  It's been awhile.

The idea was to have it framed before July rolled around this summer.   

Even bought a frame for it over the fall/winter (I really can't remember now). 

I think I totally forgot that I had it finished and had a frame.  Until I browsed
my secretary desk that housed my finished items. 


Here it is with it's frame layed over it. 

Perhaps before this July 2012 rolls out it will be set into the frame.    

And be ready for display next July, 2013. 

I have high hopes.

Pattern ~ America by Little House Needeworks
Fabric ~ 32ct  Raw Linen Belfast 
threads ~ DMC as charted exception: 
 black for roof, light gray for window panes & pot


  1. I love that design and your frame is perfect~~

  2. That frame is perfect for this piece!

  3. What a lovely finish and what a great frame!

  4. Oh, it is just beautiful, Laura! The frame is amazing, too. I have mine in a white frame, but like yours much better. It looks so nice with the color of the roof and windows...

    I'm so happy to have found your blog! Will be visiting often :)

  5. Very pretty finish and the frame is just perfect for it.


  6. Love your finish ! The frame is perfect !

  7. Your stitching and frame are awesome!!!
    Happy Stitching


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