Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Quiet On The Stitching Front.....

Haven't picked up the needle to stitch since late September. 

We took our annual weekend getaway to Asheville in September (celebrating our silver anniversary--25years!) and that called for a new little stitchery.  I had recently purchased Blackbird Designs  "Tis Hallowe'en".  Thirteen stockings and projects of stitchy goodness.  Here's what I did back in Sept and how it still looks today:

"Whooo's Knockin' at My Door?
Blackbird Designs "Tis Halloween" booklet
30ct Cafe Kona
called for dyed threads

Didn't get very far.  Best intentions and all that. 

Few pictures of the weekend trip:

Spent time relaxing at the Biltmore Inn each day.  

Lots of stitching in their comfortable sofas and chairs by the windows in the library; taking in some wonderful views of the mountains.  Here I am waiting for hubs before taking tea.  :) 

The big house.  Look at that sky!  Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Mums all set out.

Took in a bit downtown Asheville.  The morning was cloudy and quite misty which...
...made it a great morning for coffee and pastry at the City Bakery Cafe.

Had great weather to enjoy dinner outside one night.

It was a little too early to enjoy fall in it's colorful splendor but the weather was great and we had wonderful and relaxing time.   Look forward to doing it again next year.

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