Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little bit of stitching resumes...

Finally!  I've been doing a little bit of stitching and have something I can show you.  I've pulled out my Jane Austen sampler that I started back in March of 2012.  You can see that post HERE.
This is what it looked like back then. 
Sometime between March '12 and now, I stitched the trees and the roof with windows, probably last winter.  I've picked it back up with starting the brick work.  Not a ton of progress but progress nonetheless. 
See the coral brick area between the three windows?  Had to undo all that and re-stitch because I miscounted in stitching the first window.  See what happens when you leave stitching for a really long time?  Would have had much more progress had I not had that snafu.  There really was no other way but to redo it to make it look right.     
Now that I've gotten the stitching bug again, I'll continue on it some more.  I really am enjoying this piece right now.  Perhaps a bit of Jane Austen on the TV and a pot of tea will keep me going on it today?  
Hope all is well in your part of the world.  


  1. Hello Laura,
    Your stitching here is lovely! I think I have been in this house in your stitching, looked out one of those top windows...Jane and her sister's room. This is a fab sampler pattern! You are doing a beautiful job on it : )

  2. It's so discouraging having to re-do parts but now you're back on track keep going with it! Such a pretty sampler!

  3. Laura - this is such an amazing project - what a beautiful sampler you'll end up with! I really like the card and cup cake holder in your previous post too. Vicky x


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