Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Sampler

Happy Fall Everyone! 

Now that we are officially in the Autumn season, I just want to stitch fall related items! 

Happens to me almost every single year.

Still stitching away on City Sampler but I put it down to work on a little freebie from Brenda at With Thy Needle and Thread. 

(because it's fall related and I couldn't stand not to stitch it now that we were approaching fall).

I'll post a pic of that when I get a little more done to it. 

What I've got here today is an Autumn sampler that I did years ago.  The pattern was offered in a Better Homes and Garden Magazine. 

Like many years ago.   See the date there?

1994.  Eighteen years ago.  

And I'm embarrassed to say that it's not framed. 

I know.  

Apparently I like to stitch more than to frame/finish a project.

But what I think happened, was that the sampler didn't really match my home decor colors at the time.  It would have clashed is what I thought.  I just loved stitching it.  Well, not ALL the leaves (lots of changing the thread color there).  Plus it wasn't fall anymore, the season being passed by the time I finished this (I think I've stated I'm not a fast stitcher), so no hurries in getting it framed anyway. 

It clashed, not fall season, why bother?

So, I forgot about it.  For a long time. 

Then I went through a dry stitching spell, where I didn't take up a needle and thread all that much. 

I rediscovered it in my stitching stash drawer when I got back into stitching again. But it wasn't the fall season so..........back it went into the drawer.  To be forgotten about again.  Out of sight, out of mind. 

So, here we are 18 years later.  It's almost an antique.  

Well, not really. 

I think it will finally get to the framers this fall.   I better not put it back in the drawer just in case!  Clash or no clash, it should be framed. 

Have you ever had a stitched item that took you forever to frame?  I hope I'm not the only one. 

For my stitching friends, are you a frame it with glass or no glass person?  Share your thoughts. 

Until next time,


  1. What fun to find such a sweet old treasure! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I have done the very same thing Laura..... I think you should frame it...Unlike many, I always frame with glass....I'm a protector, so glass is a must for me! Would you frame it as is or perhaps spray a little Distress-It on it first?? Just a thought....Take care, Faye

  3. I have more pieces than I care to admit too Laura that I've never got framed for one reason or another. Such a nice one you've re-discovered. Hope to see it on your walls soon!

  4. Great Sampler for Fall. I think its lovely. A treasure for sure:)
    love Annette


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