Monday, September 3, 2012

June Cottage

Happy Labor Day!  That is what we are celebrating today.  Actually, not so much celebrating  as enjoying a day off from work and school.  It's been such a nice 3-day weekend.
Finished up CCN's June Cottage a while back but just now got it pressed and had it's picture taken. 
I decided to leave off the flowers that were floating with the clouds and didn't make the French knots.  I'm not all that great with making the knots but truth be told, it's more laziness than anything.  I just wanted to be done with the piece and really didn't want to trouble myself with doing them.  Perhaps when I take it back out to frame it up I'll do them.  Or not.

Skipped around with these cottage months and today I ordered October's.  I'm so itching to start on something new that is autumn related!  Ready for that season to be here.  Done in with the hot weather already. 
In the meantime, I've once again been working a little more diligently on Weeping Tree Sampler.  You can see previous pictures of this sampler I posted (back last August) here.  I made mention back then that I'd hoped to have had it finished before the end of the year was out.  Oops.  That didn't happen.  I put it down for other things (probably something fall related!) and then just didn't take it back out. 

Here's a not so good photo of it's progress. 


I've actually gotten the house all done since the photo was taken and have fixed the few places I missed some little x's on the brick work.   All I have left to do on the house is the window pane backstitching.   Then it's on to the bottom part of the house where the phrase is along with some motifs at the bottom border and another planter on the side of the phrase.  Then last it will be the sawtooth border all around the sampler.  That will be a job.  I keep going back and forth on whether or not I'll do the sawtooth border.  I'm all for it right now.  That can change tomorrow. 

Off to enjoy the last of our free day with some more stitching.  Hope you have a great rest of the week!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. June looks lovely, am half way through June now. Glad to know there's somebody to keep me company :) Weeping tree is very pretty.

  2. Love your LHN cottage, Laura--I'm not a fan of French knots either! Mine seem to look right very rarely :)

    And your sampler is looking wonderful--looks like you'll have a finish very soon...

  3. Hi Laura! Your cottage - and your blog - are wonderful! So glad I found it. Mary


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