Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun Finds....

Tickled pink to find this little treasure on Monday.  It's always fun to find something that catches your fancy when you least expect it.  Decided to pop into Michael's to browse and just happened to look at a bin of clearanced wood stamps and found this:

I've seen this saying on posters all over Pinterest and Etsy so when I happened upon it as a stamp at Michael's (made by Hampton Arts), it was giddy-up to the checkout counter!  I'm sure I will find lots of uses for it and will get inked up real soon.  
The saying is a British quote that began back in 1939 at the beginning of WWII.    It was intended to raise public morale in the event of an invasion.  Here's what the original looked like:

photo via web

Here's a fun take on the saying that I found on Pinterest:
May just need to get this one for my craft space. 
The 3 day weekend sure went fast!  Time to forge ahead with the new week. 
Keep Calm and Carry On!

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  1. my wife and i love that "keep calm and carry on" quote


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