Sunday, February 5, 2012

tulip time..........

I love tulips.  They are one of my favorite flowers, especially in white.   They seem the perfect flower to perk things up in winter, when things can look a little bare.  Reminds me that spring will just be around the corner soon.

These were photographed serveral days after I had purchased them.  I change the water every couple of days and I think that helps keep them fresh longer. 

They are such a little treat, one that I don't frequently splurge on.   

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. What pretty flowers! I rarely treat myself to flowers but on the rare occasions that I do, I'm always happy. I love the tulips!

  2. What a treat that brings in a fresh of spring air~~ I also am going to pencil down that great looking muffin recipe!..... And, the craft weekend with the ladies was surely a hit.....Those darling mini mailboxes are just too cute~~

    If you ever want to meet at Spring Robin, let me know...I am looking for every reason to go back!

    Take care and hope your little darlings don't pass on any more germs!



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