Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Time....

Hello December!  Time to pull out the sparkle (aka bins & bins!) and make things merry & bright (messy!) around our home.  Last weekend we pulled out the Christmas tree and decorations and got busy on it.  We all love the look and smell of a real tree but since a pine allergy affects us all, we couldn't use live trees anymore.   Found this realistic looking tree at a local garden shop and we just love it.  It's four years old now and it's as pretty as ever.

My boys helping to decorate

A few of my favorite ornaments

The finished tree

Hope all is merry & bright where you are!


  1. Hello Laura!! I saw your post on the Cottages Stitch Along and thought I'd pop on over!! Small world....I am also a TA and live in NC.... Please visit my blog and email me...We may live near one another!

    I am still waiting for my chart, but am ready to go once I receive it...I am stitching mine individually so I can pop them in and out of the frame.... I stitched BBD Anniversaries the Heart in 2011 on one large piece and loved it...

    Well, wanted to say hello. I will sign up to follow your blog....Take care,


  2. Hi Laura, I also saw your post on the Cottages Stitch along. Iam not going to stitch this series but I am going to watch everyone elses as they complete them. I have to many irons in the fire at the time to commit to this.
    Your tree is beautiful!
    Happy Stitching

  3. What beautiful boys! I have 2 boys as well however they have left the nest (one is 24 the other 22).
    Your tree is filled with gorgeous ornaments; it looks so pretty!
    Happy Holiday.

  4. Your tree looks so pretty, Laura! We put ours up this weekend. I love your special ornaments--very pretty!

  5. Laura,

    I think they would be so pretty with that color. They have a very warm tone to I thinkg it would be really pretty!



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