Friday, December 23, 2011


Christmas is almost here!  That's what my boys have been telling me on a daily basis since they let out from school for the holiday break.  I think they are just a little bit excited.  And I'm just a little bit tired.  Let me show you one of the reasons why: 

Snowmen.  Snowmen wrapped Hershey candy bars.  Lots of them.  Like about 72 to be exact.  These turned out to be the cutest things and they were a hit with their classmates.  Made them for each of the boys' classmates, teachers and school staff.  They are not difficult at all, just take a little time.   


Originally found these on Splitcoast and the second I saw these, I knew I'd be making them.  Here's a link to a tutorial:  Kerryspapercrafts

I used fleece found at Joann's Crafts, 9mm jingle bells strung with embroidery floss (on some I used baker's twine until I ran out) and half way through, I omitted using the floral wire that Kerry used.  They held just fine with just the floss tied tightly around the fleece hat.  Fabric scissors made snipping the fleece for the hat and scarf quick and easy. 

I'll definitely be making them again next year.   Just plan on starting much earlier to save me a little bit (a lot!) of sanity. 

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I wasn't as organized this year as I would have liked to have been.  Working 5 days rather than 3 made a huge difference but I'm happy to say that although it's been a busy month, we've had good times in between the busyness of it all.  Today I plan on being in the kitchen baking up some more sweets treats to indulge over the weekend and share with friends and the boys will decorate their gingerbread houses.  Finally getting around to that!

Hope your day is merry and bright! 

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  1. Laura, they are SOOOO cute! You are so creative! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, and that 2012 is wonderful for you.


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