Monday, January 16, 2012

The Impossible Challenge

I was invited to participate in Kari's "Imagine the Impossiblities" Challenge  ( Thank You Kari!! ).  If your interested in reading more about it and joining in, check out Kari's post here:  Thistlewoodfarm.  She has a beautiful blog and a sweet story on how she and her family came to live in their current home.  Love what she has done with it!

So what am I challenging myself with?  I have lots to choose from but for this particular challenge, I'm going with this:

I've stitched one of these stockings...... last year.  Last January to be exact.  Intending to finish it sometime before December rolled around and hang it on our tree this past Christmas.   It didn't happen. 

I love to stitch but for some reason, I think procrastination plays a huge part here (have I mentioned I'm a bit of a procrastinator?), and I don't get my little works finished properly.  I've got quite a few projects just laying in a drawer waiting to be put into frames or made into pillows, etc. 

Well, I hope to change that and by the end of this January, I'll have a little stitched stocking to show you.  (It's in that pile above).

My inspiration came from seeing Siobhan's stockings.  Lovely finishes!  That's when I decided. 

It may not be an impossible challenge for some, in fact, a rather easy one.  But it seems to be challenging for me at the moment.  Hope the tide will change and it will inspire me to get the rest of my items finished.

Speaking of finishing, still plugging away at CCN's January cottage.  

I'm a slow stitcher folks (to be honest, I hadn't picked it up since last Sunday).  I need to get this done already.  January will be over soon.  Perhaps I'll have it in a frame and ready for next January?    ;)

                                                               Hope you have a great week!



  1. Laura,

    What a fun "impossible!" You are so talented and I can't wait to see the finished stockings! Thanks so much for joining us in this challenge!

  2. Laura - This is such a great project. I have so many things that are just so close to finished, but not quite! Thanks so much for joining our challenge and posting our button!

  3. So excited you are joining our challenge! Isn't it always about finding the time, not the talent, to get these things done! I can't sew either so I really appreciate your talent.

  4. Love your progress on January! You go girl on the challenge. I know you can do it! I stink at finishing but am learning and trying to get better. I am much better at visual learning than I am at following written directions. Vonna (The Twisted Stitcher) has some great tutorials that I found very helpful. I finished my first stocking last year and was able to do it by following her pictures. Now I can do them w/o looking--and that is a feat in and of itself! LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You go girl! I hope you are making great progress with this! Can't wait to see your finished stockings on January 31 (no pressure or anything....LOL!)



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